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Watch this interview with Kevin Hua, AtlasTrend Co-founder & Head of Investments. Learn why AtlasTrend was created, what’s behind the investment philosophy and why it’s a refreshing change for investors. (Viewing time 1:34 mins)


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Q: Are you seeing a shift in investor mindset?

Yes, that’s a major reason why we started AtlasTrend.

We see investors increasingly want to make investments in tangible assets that mean something to them or investing with the purpose and we hope to marry that up with long-term investment returns for them.


Q: Why is Atlas Trend a refreshing change for investors?

We’re independent and importantly, we seek to provide 3 things for investors:

  1. provide transparency (full portfolio disclosure)
  2. lower fees that seeks to align with the investors’ interests in active management
  3. education through our research for investors


Q: What’s behind the investment philosophy?

We focus on selecting trends or themes that are long term and structural in nature that are transforming how billions of people live, not simply cyclical fads.

We then ask are these themes long lasting, that is, do they will it provide long-term growth at least 5-10 years.

Once we identify the trend, we aim to select the best 15 or so blue-chip companies that are leveraged to the trend and we believe will deliver sound investment returns over the long term, using a combination of data/factor sets as well as fundamental stock selection.



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About Kevin Hua

Kevin Hua is a Co-Founder of AtlasTrend, an investment platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn and invest in trends impacting our world. Kevin has over 20 years experience in financial markets including as Senior Portfolio Manager at Atrium Investment Management and Stark Investments.