Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple: or as the shorthand goes, GAFA. They are the four great global dotcoms against whom other aspirants are often measured. 

In this video interview with Which50 Editor-in-Chief Andrew Birmingham, Atlas Trend Co-founder, Kevin Hua describes the highlights for each of their recent quarterly results.

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As an Amazon Australia launch looms, the American powerhouse is “firing on all cylinders”, according to Hua. Amazon continues to deliver impressive financial results, but is also the leader when it comes to expanding outside of their core business, Hua told Which-50.

“They grew revenues by 34 per cent and this was driven by their online business as well as their Amazon Web Services business, which grew 42 per cent quarter on quarter,” Hua said.


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Despite its recent controversy Facebook has surpassed expectations, including a 10 billion dollar revenue quarter. There could be more to come too.

According to Hua, Facebook has also increased their average revenue per user. It’s a stronger indicator of long-term growth than growth in actual users, Hua said.


Apple’s product pipeline has “continued to surprise everyone,” Hua said. There were concerns that this generation of phones may cede significant ground to competitors, who have delivered innovative new consumer technology. But early figures indicate another strong year for iPhones, according to Hua.

“Skeptics were concerned about the iPhone 8 and iPhone X sales, but they seem to be very strong,” Hua said.

They have also delivered new products across their wearables, Mac and services lines, Hua said. In June this Year Apple announced a new desktop computer, the iMac Pro, and a new voice-controlled HomePod in addition to their regular product refreshes.


Google has continued their “digital ad dominance” and grew revenues by over one fifth (21 per cent), according to Hua.

“In the third quarter alone they reached ad revenues of almost US$25 billion.”


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