Have you heard about the FANG stocks?

The acronym FANG was coined by financial television personality (and former hedge fund manager) Jim Cramer to refer collectively to the four famous and large listed technology companies – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

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We have just published a Trending Insights article exclusive to AtlasTrend members where we reveal our top 3 reasons why we currently own or don’t own each of the FANG stocks in our managed funds.

Before getting into the specifics of each stock, above is an infographic chart which shows the size and reach of the FANG stocks. On a collective basis, they are used by billions of people worldwide and have a total market value equal to the combined market value of every single company listed on the Australian share market. Interestingly, the key founders of each business are still actively involved in running the business.

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Find out why we own or don’t own each of the FANG stocks in our managed funds.

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