Bitcoin has out-performed any other financial investment, up 1,500% just this year. Kevin Hua looks at where the meaningful investments are behind this rally.

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We’ve written about how cryptocurrencies are up 1,500% over the last 9 months. That performance has eclipsed all other financial instruments and leaves investors asking whether it’s a raging bull market or a bubble waiting to pop?

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Key points:


What’s a cryptocurrency?

  • A digital currency where encryption technology regulates the generation, use, transfer and verification of a transfer of funds without the need for a central banking system
  • Examples are Bitcoin or Ether.

Many media articles say cryptocurrencies are for drug traffickers, hitmen and arms dealers. Is there more to it?

  • Cryptocurrencies have legitimate commercial applications
  • All cryptocurrencies consist of a network of peers. Each peer holds a ledger of every transaction made by a digital currency and the balance of every account. This is called a blockchain.
  • The blockchain ensures autonomous, instantaneous and reliable accounting of Bitcoin transactions using digital encryption.
  • It can be a reliable method of instantaneous transactions with the ability to settle in real time with no counterparty risk and reduced transaction costs

Examples of commercial application

  • By banks and investment managers to settle trade in real time
  • In law to create “smart contracts”
  • In manufacturing to automate payments and supply chain processing

The future of Blockchain – is it a buying opportunity or speculative bubble?

  • Risks – concerns around entering a bubble and regulatory risk
  • e.g. Last week Chinese government made plans to ban trading of Bitcoin on domestic exchanges. China accounts for 25% of bitcoin trades.
  • Safer way to gain exposure is by investing in companies focusing on cryptocurrencies and managing blockchain like IBM and Microsoft
  • AtlasTrend’s Big Data Fund has been constructed to capture the long-term structural trend of big data and invests in companies with exposure to the Internet of Things and cryptocurrencies.


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