Four International Shares For 2016

What are the four international shares that are poised to have a strong 2016 despite the volatile market conditions?

In part one of this four part series,  we start with Facebook shares. The company needs little introduction given its status as a social media pioneer. In Australia alone, there are an estimated 14 million active Facebook users which is the majority of Australia’s population.

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Why Facebook’s 1 billion plus users matter?

Can you name a product or service from a single company that is actively used by over 1 billion people worldwide?

Facebook and Google come to mind but there aren’t many others.

Since famously launching in 2004 from the dorm rooms of Harvard University, Facebook (as at the end of 2015) had grown to 1.6 billion users who actively used the service at least once a month (“Monthly Active Users”) and impressively 1.0 billion of these users were on the site on any given day (“Daily Active Users”). The diagram below shows how much Mark Zuckerberg and his team have grown Facebook’s active user base in recent years.


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