Go behind the scenes of Bitcoin to find out why the price has fallen, and what’s happening in the broader cryptocurrency space. (5:13 min read)

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Cryptocurrencies have witnessed a significant pull back in prices since they hit a peak in December 2017.

Bitcoin, the first and most popular cryptocurrency by far, is currently trading at US$8,225 (as of 27 July 2018) as compared to its peak price of around US$19,000.

The price of bitcoin has reached as low as US$5,900 since its peak.

Prices of other cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply over the last six months as investors have sold out of the market.

Remarkably, the present bear market follows a year of extraordinary returns where cryptocurrencies saw their prices rise multi-fold thanks to the speculation of investors worldwide.

In this Member Exclusive, we’ll revisit what exactly Bitcoin is, explain the catalysts behind its current weakness and explore recent developments in the crypto space. 
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