Kevin Hua Co-founder of AtlasTrend explores BYD as an investment and the impacts of the topical Trade Wars. (5:08 min duration)

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Telsa is known to be expensive, volatile and burns a lot of cash, but there is another Electric Vehicle manufacturer. Listen to the interview below to find out more (listening time is 5:08 minutes).


Key points:

When investors speak about strong growth & green companies, Tesla is the star example. But it does comes at a premium price. What is AtlasTrend’s perspective?

  • Our view is Telsa has played its part & made electric vehicles (EV) very aspirational & help more people talking about EV & where the directions is going.
  • From an investment perspective Tesla is too expensive at the current prices. It has significant operational challenges ahead of it, it’s burning through billions of dollars in cash each year.
  • People remain sceptical whether company can ramp up and build a long term sustainable company.
  • Tesla has the same market valuation as General Motors (GM) but Tesla only produces 100,000 cars last year compared to GM which produce significantly more than that.
  • For now, Tesla remains a difficult long-term investment.

What’s China’s alternatives and how does it compare to Tesla?

  • China is at the forefront of EV with lots of companies are doing it with one in particular we like called BYD
  • Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Has been around for a long time
  • Founded over 20 years ago as a rechargeable battery business
  • Has been producing cars (EV) for almost a decade
  • Its battery storage capacity is 8 times larger than Tesla’s 1 GW capacity
  • Valuation wise, cash positive & makes money from EV
  • Has a pathway to grow with Chinese market being so large

Two companies – one in the US and one is in China. If we injected the trade wars scenario, how does it impact investment in BYD?

  • The automotive industry is going to be impacted by the ‘trade wars’
  • What we like about BYD is most of sales is domestic
  • Its has a level of export
  • Majority of revenue comes from domestic sales

Is BYD a company you hold in your funds?

  • Yes it is. It’s one of our core position in our Clean Disruption Fund
  • We analyse the whole breath of EV companies around the world and BYD ticks all the boxes of many of the factors that we like


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