The choices we make can have a considerable impact on our sustainable future. Let’s look at 5 simple changes we can all make to help create a more sustainable world. (1:02 min read)

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Sustainable living is complicated. However, the rewards are rich and varied and so it’s worth pursuing. By developing a positive mindset and getting a broad understanding of what affects global sustainability, we can do our bit for creating a sustainable future.

So, what does sustainable living really entail? In short, sustainable living means practising a lifestyle that uses a few of Earth’s natural resources as possible, in an attempt to create the least amount of environmental damage for future generations.

Check out 5 small changes you can make today, which could have a big impact on our future.


5 Tips on Sustainable Living in 2019


1. Shop local

Buying and shopping locally help reduce your carbon footprint. Purchase seasonal produce that hasn’t had to travel the globe to get in your hands.

2. Go natural

Choose biodegradable products that have fewer negative impacts on the soil and water system after you’ve finished using them, or opt for natural alternatives.

3. Less meat

Help substantially reduce our environmental impact by having at least one meat-free day a week.

4. Reduce waste

Use your own bag instead of the plastic or paper ones provided at stores.

5. Avoid landfill

Landfills release large amounts of methane, which contributes to climate change. Buy products with minimal packaging and look out for the recycle trademark on any packaging.



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