This week’s stories cover the latest development in streaming wars, record-breaking Singles Day and how meatless burgers are going mainstream  (1:30 min read).

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1. Disney gets a seat at the streaming table

Disney officially launched its streaming video service Disney Plus. It comes hot on the heels of Apple launching Apple TV+.

The video streaming wars are well and truly underway, with the likes of Netflix and Amazon already in the market.

It’s set to be an expensive few years ahead for these companies, as they collectively spend billions of dollars creating and acquiring exclusive new content.

Netflix shareholders may want to pay close attention as the deep pockets of Disney, Apple and Amazon could shake up the industry.


2. Singles Day breaks records (again)

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba ran another record-breaking 24-hour online shopping frenzy.

Consumers spent a staggering US$38 billion during the day, a 26% increase from the previous year.

To put this into context, it is equal to approximately how much Woolworths sells during an entire year across its Australian operations.

While there were some initial concerns the US-China trade war would dampen sales, Chinese consumers appeared to spend strongly on many American brands – they are now collectively the largest online shoppers in the world.

Our Online Shopping Spree Fund is invested in Alibaba at the time of writing.


3. Even fast food is going meatless

The plant-based meat market is continuing its grow and gain momentum, with Burger King announcing plant-based Whoppers to be sold across Europe.

This is after successful launches in the US where the brand enjoyed strong quarterly sales growth compared to previous quarters.

The industry appears to be set for strong growth, as more consumers choose to eat plant-based meat alternatives for either health or environmental reasons.

Barclays has predicted the alternative meat market could reach US$140 billion in sales over the next 10 years – approximately 10% of the global meat industry.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the growth prospects of this industry, as it could turn into a significant trend.



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