Do you have some money sitting in a bank account not earning much interest? Perhaps you want to start investing but find it all a bit too troublesome?

The brand new AtlasTrend Starter Plan could be exactly what you are after.

We’re excited to launch this new membership plan to help even more Australians get easy access to global investments.


So, what is AtlasTrend?

AtlasTrend is an online service that helps Aussies start their global investing journey. We empower you with information and access so you can learn and easily invest with professionally managed exposure to global powerhouse companies (such as Amazon and Google) that are transforming the world.

With the Australian sharemarket making up less than 3% of the global sharemarket, you’re missing out on so much investment opportunity by not investing offshore. With AtlasTrend, you don’t need to worry about not knowing what shares to invest in, the hassle of setting up brokerage accounts to trade shares, actively managing a share portfolio and the headache of overseas tax forms. You simply choose the investment Trend you believe in and we professionally manage it for you. You’ll know exactly what you’re investing in and get annual tax statements to help complete your tax return.

The best part – you can start investing from $100 all via our secure online platform.


Right, so how does the Starter Plan work?

It’s simple. Sign up as an AtlasTrend Starter Plan member and start to:

AtlasTrend LearnLearn: Get unlimited online access to “The Atlas”, your personal hub of the latest investing tips and insights to help guide your investing journey. You’ll also get the full scoop on every company our team of investment professionals have selected to invest in.


AtlasTrend investInvest: Start from as little as $100 on a recurring automatic monthly investment plan or invest a lump sum amount of $1,000 or more (up to $15,000) in up to 2 Trends. A Trend is an AtlasTrend managed fund which invests in listed international shares that benefit financially from long term society transforming themes e.g. the growth of big data. You choose which Trends to invest in and we manage the rest.


AtlasTrend GrowGrow: Easily track your investment performance 24/7 and be part of a community investing in Trends they believe in.




What is the AtlasTrend difference?


1. Simple and affordable fee structure aligned with you

Affordable membership for access to investing content. We only make money on your investment, when you do.

The Starter Plan costs from $9 per month. For the cost of 2 to 3 coffees per month, you’ll receive all the Learn, Invest, Grow membership benefits. Your tax accountant may even let you claim it as a tax deduction.

If you invest in the Trends, there is no additional ongoing management fee payable to AtlasTrend. We receive a 15% share of any pre-tax profits on your investment in the Trends when you sell. Unlike other typical managed investment funds, this is based on your individual performance (rather than the fund’s performance) so we only make money on your investments if you make money.

Like other managed funds, there is also recoverable expense fee to pay for fund expenses such as auditors. This is capped at 0.1% p.a. and AtlasTrend will pay for any costs above this.

AtlasTrend starter plan hacked

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2. Become a better investor

We help you learn, invest and grow – supporting your entire investing journey.

You can sign up to a research service to learn about investing then pick an investment manager or your own stocks to invest. At AtlasTrend we are interested in supporting you throughout your investing journey.

Get plain English investing insights, without needing a degree in finance to know what it all means. We empower your investing experience by filtering the noise to focus on the key issues that matters when picking a global stock.

You don’t need a lot of money to start investing and have direct access to the team managing your money. Our investment team is always available to guide and answer any questions you have. To invest with typical traditional global investment managers, you often need at least $20,000 to start investing. This is likely through a financial adviser without having any direct contact with the investment team at all.


3. Full transparent portfolio information

Know every company each of AtlasTrend’s managed fund invests in.

We tell you why we invest in in a company including regularly updated details on investment news about the company and how much they make up the portfolios. You can access all this even if you are not invested with AtlasTrend.

Traditional investment managers won’t reveal this level of information – you may be provided with quite outdated information on the top few companies in a portfolio from fear that their investment decisions will be copied. Alternately, you could pay a lot of money to get recommended “model” portfolios from research services, rather than valuable regularly updated information on real portfolios our investment managers have put their own money into alongside AtlasTrend investors.


Have the Trends made money?

AtlasTrend Online Shopping  Spree Fund performance to 30 June 2017

AtlasTrend Pty Ltd (AR #001233660 of Fundhost Ltd AFSL: 233045). Investment returns cannot be guaranteed. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Detailed investment performance can be accessed HERE.


Ok, how do I sign up for a 30 day free Starter Plan trial?

CLICK HERE to sign up for your free 30 day Starter Plan trial and gain access to all the members’ exclusive investing insights including what we’re investing in.

We do ask for your payment card details but you can easily cancel your membership at any time during and after the free trial if you are not investing money in the Trends.

We look forward to your feedback, and hope we can play a part in helping you start your global investing journey!

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About Kent Kwan

Kent Kwan is a Co-Founder of AtlasTrend, an online investment platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn and invest in trends transforming our world. Kent has over 15 years experience in financial markets including as Chief Investment Officer at Arowana International Limited, and roles at JP Morgan and Macquarie.