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Jessica CartwrightMeet the supermum using transformational world trends to set her kids up for the future – Jessica Cartwright. She’s one of thousands of Australians who have chosen to kickstart their global investing journey with AtlasTrend.

Originally hailing from the US, Jess was fortunate enough to have a financially savvy mother who ensured her college fund was part of the family’s financial plan.

Fast forward several years and now she’s in Perth, Western Australia with a husband and two kids wanting to pay it forward. Dissatisfied with the lack of returns via savings accounts, she knew there had to be a better way to invest in her kids’ future.

Jess juggles motherhood with running her own Facebook marketing agency Big Head Digital, so she set out to find a service that would suit her busy lifestyle.

We were keen to learn more about her fascinating personal story and what led her to AtlasTrend.


Q: Any investing blunders/triumphs/frustrations?

This is the first time I’m investing so luckily nothing to report on the blunder front so far.

Plenty of frustrations though. I get really annoyed with super, it’s always so hard to find the return percentage. That’s what I love about my AtlasTrend dashboard, it’s literally the first thing I check when I log in.

People tend to put finance in the ‘too hard’ basket, and you’re led to think only the experts can do it. But with The Atlas and independent guides like the Barefoot Investor, it’s becoming less difficult and you actually feel like you can do it.


Q: What’s your go-to investing resource?

My mum – I usually run anything finance-related past her. Also, Scott Pape’s emails and books as well as AtlasTrend’s regular member updates.

I think there’s a huge opportunity for anyone that can simplify finance.


Q: What do you wish you knew more about?

Cryptocurrencies. Purely because it’s such an elusive, hot topic that tends to divide people; I can’t figure out whether it’s worth looking into further.

I’d also love to know how other people like me are using AtlasTrend – are they focused on certain trends, do they move money around in a certain way? I’d be curious to know how others are structuring their strategy, especially when it comes to saving for retirement.


Q: What’s the financial goal you’d like to achieve in the next 5 to 10 years?

Being mortgage-free by 40, investing more and starting to think about planning for retirement. While we’re already investing small but regular amounts, knowing we’re getting better returns than the bank makes me feel confident about the future.


Q: Besides making good returns, what is important to you when investing?

Simplicity and transparency. Everything has been really easy so far, I feel informed and that puts me at ease. Regular communication is so important – knowing what’s happening with your money and how trends are performing.

I’ve never received any notable information from banks apart from a letter/email to let me know my monthly statement is ready.


Q: What made you start your investing journey with AtlasTrend?

It’s the kind of investing I could relate to. My mum was into mutual funds so a diversified portfolio made sense to me, especially if I could leave it to the experts to manage it all.

We were already putting money aside for the kids, but the bank was stuffing us around. I was getting tired of the the fact they couldn’t give me what I wanted, on top of generating no returns. I knew I had to do something else.

When you’re trying to keep two humans, a marriage and a business alive, the last thing you want to do is pick stocks. It makes a lot more sense to me to have a professional do it.


Q: Which trends resonated most strongly with you?

The trends I could identify with, Big Data and Online Shopping, struck a chord because of my background in digital marketing.

They were trends I recognised in my own life, and I know they’re growing just based on the time people like me spend contributing to them. I can only see that increasing over time.


Q: What do you think about thematic investing?

It’s easy to identify the trends, but much harder to pick out who the movers and shakers are. When the companies are hand-picked by professionals and all you have to do is choose the underlying theme, it becomes a lot more straightforward and fun.

We had the kids’ money in savings account, and saw no growth happening. We decided to bite the bullet and invest thematically; it’s got to be better than the bank, I thought. And I was right!

It’s also a great way to teach the kids financial literacy, give them the right foundations and get excited about the fact their money is growing.


Q: What features/benefits would make your investing experience better with AtlasTrend?

It would be interesting to build on the community aspect, knowing if there’s other people like me and being able to connect with them – whether it’s physically or virtually.

Meetups would be a cool way to share insights, experiences and meet people in the same boat.


Q: Any tips for people in a similar situation?

Grow your wealth on the side, because you can’t eat the house.

Everyone is so focused on property and paying off a mortgage. I’m focused more on investment, always looking out for ways I can build wealth concurrently. Compound interest is powerful stuff.

Money is more than just a house, it’s the vehicle for experiences. Those experiences are what builds a life.

Because I worked hard and went college on a scholarship, it allowed me to use my college fund for enriching experiences and securing my first home.

I could study abroad or travel the world every summer, and visit Australia to meet my pen pal from when I was 13 years-old (he’s now my husband).  I hope I can afford my children the same life experiences, and we’re working towards that with regular investments with AtlasTrend.


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