AtlasTrend’s investment team explore an often-overlooked element of clean disruption through the lens of a fibre laser manufacturer.

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Exponentially improving green technologies such as solar, electric vehicles, lithium batteries and autonomous cars will disrupt traditional energy and transportation industries as we know it as they strive to build a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

Although it may be clear how renewable energy sources can reduce our reliance on hazardous fossil fuels, an often-overlooked area is how technological developments in manufacturing processes and materials processing can also assist in building a greener future.

Manufacturing accounts for around one sixth of World GDP annually, and is therefore a crucial component of economic growth.

Unfortunately, manufacturing processes introduce production externalities which are a by-product of inefficient and outdated practices.

Production externalities are usually unintended but can have negative economic, social and/or environmental side effects.

If technology can improve the efficiency of a manufacturing process, it can not only reduce costs and improve profitability, but also reduce waste and time.


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