Discover China’s lesser-known but just as promising answer to Tesla, plus what a trade war would mean for the automotive sector.

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One of the most common questions we receive at AtlasTrend is whether Tesla is a worthy investment.

It happens to be a question we periodically ask ourselves, too. Since we recently launched the Clean Disruption Fund, the company has once again come into consideration.

Undoubtedly, Tesla has played a significant role in growing the popularity of electric vehicles.

While improvements in technology, battery life and the growth of charging stations has made electric vehicles a possibility for consumers; Tesla has managed to make electric vehicles aspirational with its clever direct marketing, provocative product launches and attractive designs.

Particularly when you compared their designs to the first generation of hybrids from Japan such as the Toyota Prius.

Tesla has also woken up the rest of the industry as traditional manufacturers scramble to launch their own electric vehicle offerings. This has allowed it to grow into a company with a current market value of US$58 billion – despite only selling just over 100,000 cars in 2017.

General Motors shares a similar market value but has sold 9.6 million vehicles.

Tesla, as a company and investment, has a number of significant challenges ahead of it.


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