AtlasTrend’s investment team looks at exploring some of the differences between cloud vs. traditional on-premise software companies in their search for new portfolio companies.

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The rise of the Software as a Service (“SaaS”) industry has continued to enthral the business community at large given the remarkable growth it has sustained over the past few decades. We are now entering a new era where thousands of SaaS companies both new and old are creating solutions to address every conceivable business need. The industry’s strong momentum is driving SaaS executives and investors into playing larger roles as the industry expands.

SaaS differs from traditional on-premise software in that it is made accessible and deployed to users over the internet (or in the “cloud”). Traditional software in comparison is deployed “on-premises” meaning the software is implemented on the premises of a business client on their own servers whereby employees access the software through a desktop interface connected to a local network.

Just as businesses have been embracing SaaS based platforms to streamline their operations, investors have been bidding up the shares of SaaS companies and with good reason.

SaaS businesses tend to have loyal sticky customers, especially on the enterprise side, and many are growing revenues at rates significantly faster than the rest of the economy.

In this member exclusive, we explore the some of the differences between cloud and traditional on-premise software companies, take a look at the industry and cover some of the most important SaaS metrics that the AtlasTrend’s investment team analyse in their search for new portfolio companies.


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