AtlasTrend’s investment team is launching a new investment frontier focused on building a more sustainable world.

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Humankind faces significant challenges in the next 30 years as the world’s population increases making more demands of our planet. As such, there is accelerating awareness and implementation of strategies to build a more sustainable world and economy. We will need to halve emissions, double our energy capacity (in an efficient manner) and process double the current levels of waste.

Building a more sustainable future will in turn create new investment opportunities for investors seeking to capitalise on this megatrend. Specifically, this would involve the replacement of traditional energy sources such as oil and coal with investments in newer, alternative forms of energy. These renewable energy sources are expected to account for 60% of all new energy generation by 2040.

We believe that,

the impact of clean disruption on traditional energy sources will be widespread with the changes over the next decade or two being even more impactful than the industrial changes we’ve experienced in the last century.

Introducing Clean Disruption Trend

This disruption of the whole energy industry and its implications for the global economy will pave the way for new markets, and significantly transform adjacent industries such as:

  • Energy storage
  • Transportation (including electrical and autonomous driving vehicles)
  • Infrastructure (including property and road systems)
  • Manufacturing
  • Building materials and lighting
  • Recycling and waste management

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