We wrote about Disney’s power move into content with its plans to create its own entertainment streaming service and pulling its movies from Netflix. Hear more about the dynamics in the video streaming landscape, who are the key players, why Disney made the move and how investors can cut through the information to make a real impact on their investments. Get direct insights from AtlasTrend Co-founder, Kevin Hua, in this next series of interviews with Christopher Hall from Arrow Securities Group.

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Our viewing patterns have driven the demand for live streaming services and the success of Netflix and kind. Kevin Hua, co-founder of AtlasTrend, looks at why Disney are changing direction and what that means for how we will watch movies, TV and series in future.

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Key points:


Our viewing patterns are changing

  • Desire for on demand movies and T.V. is natural, but media companies controlled what and
    how we watch
  • With streaming technology, quality on-demand content is now more freely available

Who are the key players in video streaming?

  • Major global players are Netflix, Amazon Video, Google (You Tube Red and YouTube TV)
  • Facebook recently launched new video service called “Watch”
  • T.V. studios-HBO Now, CBS’ Showtime
  • In Australia, we also have Foxtel Now and Stan (part owned by 9 Entertainment and Fairfax)

Why has Disney made the move to streaming?

  • Attempting to address declining revenue and profitability in its core businesses with weaker ESPN (it’s sports cable business) subscriptions and ad sales, to a film business that still produces great content but sharing some profits with streaming services like Netflix
  • Is it too late in the game or can successfully play catch up?

How do Australian investors keep up to date and have a real impact on their investments?

  • AtlasTrend gives members insights on what’s happening in global markets, explaining dynamics between a Netflix and Disney, and what’s happening in the media landscape.
  • Also provide easy access to invest in online shopping via a managed fund which invests in e-commerce companies that sells products as well as internet-like services such as video streaming and internet gaming


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