Data centres – beneficiaries of big data

With the growth of data creation and usage, there is a growing demand for processing power and storage of data.  As consumers, we tend to take the increasing usage of data for granted – consuming on-demand video, uploading photos to social media and generally accessing the internet and the cloud from anywhere has become the norm.  However, for corporations, there are increasing challenges in how they manage, store and keep secure their data in a cost-efficient way.  IDC estimates that the world will produce 5 times as much data in 2020 as it does today.

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The majority of companies still keep their IT infrastructure in company-owned data centres but are now transitioning to outsourcing this IT infrastructure to third-party data centres. Data centre companies are able to provide scale and flexibility needed to reduce costs and redundancies for companies allowing them to focus on their core business instead of data centre construction and management.

With the significant growth in data usage and storage together with the structural trend towards outsourcing IT infrastructure, data centre companies are positioned to benefit from the rise of big data.

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