AtlasTrend’s investment team reveal which company is benefitting from China’s pledge to tackle climate change and create an eco-friendly society.

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China has long been at the centre of environmental debate, with their economic responsibility to tackle climate change often brought into question.

Having dealt with some of the adverse effects of climate change first-hand – namely air and water pollution – building an eco-friendly society has become a major priority for China.

This is nowhere more evident than in the governments Five-Year plan for Economic and Social Development. Several environmental protection measures have been put forward from cutting steel production to closing down energy-intensive manufacturing plants.

There are many clean energy disruptors set to capitalise on a greener China, helping lead the country into a more sustainable future.


Enter China’s growing environmental protection industry

There is one particular environmental protection (EP) company with commercial goals aligned with China’s environmental policy targets and social welfare plans.

This company is well positioned to benefit from the continuous growth of the EP industry and rural development in China.

What are they all about?

China’s leading green tech company within the fast-growing environmental protection (EP) industry has businesses including: biomass power generation, hazardous waste treatment (HWT), solar energy and wind power generation.

What does this all mean?

  • Biomass Power Generation: their biomass operations help tackle China’s escalating air pollution and smog issues by converting biomass raw materials into electricity and heat. This is the cleaner alternative to burning them in the open air, as is commonly the case in many parts of the country.
  • Hazardous Waste Management: they collect and safely dispose of hazardous waste. It provides services primarily to industrial companies and medical facilities.
  • Solar and Wind Power Generation Projects: they develop, manages and operate solar parks and wind farms to generate electricity. It primarily sells electricity to local power grid companies.


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