CeBIT Australia wrapped up today and we were proud to be part of such an exciting event. For all of us at AtlasTrend, it was a chance to meet some of our members in person and thank you for your support. It was also a great opportunity to meet with other likeminded people who shared an interest in technology and investing in the technological changes (such as big data) that are shaping our lives now and into the future.

Some highlights for us were the keynote talks in cloud, big data and cybersecurity. With a diverse panel of speakers from government, industry and education, there was plenty to listen to including NASA’s talk on exploring outer space using big data, Ticketek’s use of data science in the entertainment industry, Flight Centre’s use of data analytics in managing its customer base to the Australian Government’s strategy in cybersecurity and protecting Australian interests online. Of note was the focus on innovation in the healthcare sector, where CSIRO discussed the future of virtual reality in the delivery of health services and diagnostics. Pfizer also participated in a panel discussion on how big data can aid clinical research, diagnostics and patient management. The other interesting panel talk related to Australian fintech, where we saw the likes of the Commonwealth Bank and Macquarie discuss how they are dealing with the challenges and opportunities that technology and changing demographics bring to established institutions like themselves.

Whilst there were far too many exhibitors to cover here, we thought some of the highlights included Slasherteck’s traffic management drones and the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI)’s interactive pod and Volvo – this industry advisory body was the first to conduct on-road trial of a driverless vehicle in the southern hemisphere.

We hope to see and meet more of you at next year’s event.


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