In this interview, we look at Big Data, what is it, how you’re contributing to it – every minute of every day – and where is it taking us. Get direct insights from AtlasTrend Co-founder, Kevin Hua, in this next series of interviews with Christopher Hall from Arrow Securities Group.

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We are all creating and consuming Big Data at an increasing rate. Kevin Hua, Co-founder of AtlasTrend explains just how we’re an integral part of the process and who benefits.

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Key points:


What is big data?

  • The use of technology and computing power to analyse large amounts of data that is being created every day

How we’re contributing to big data – everyday?

  • Each day, we all consume and create data without necessarily realising it
  • Big data touches every part of our lives and is growing exponentially – when we’re on social media, online shopping, booking holidays, searching online, taking photos and videos, using maps or playing games online

Examples of what this data does for us?

  • Tracks our digital footprint to offer tailored online shopping experiences
  • Sensors, cameras and diagnostic tools – sometimes referred to as the Internet of Things – can help companies be more efficient in their everyday processes
  • Companies use big data technology to analyse customers’ information and utilise trends and patterns to identify risks and possible fraud

Big data as an investment trend

  • As our world becomes increasingly online, we believe the big data thematic is only going to grow further
  • That is why AtlasTrend’s Big Data Fund has been constructed to capture this long-term structural trend as it includes many of the companies that are benefitting from this trend such as Amazon and Alphabet (listed parent of Google).


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About Kevin Hua

Kevin Hua is a Co-Founder of AtlasTrend, an investment platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn and invest in trends impacting our world. Kevin has over 20 years experience in financial markets including as Senior Portfolio Manager at Atrium Investment Management and Stark Investments.