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Performance Update


All AtlasTrend managed funds delivered positive performance of +3.2% to +5.4% (from 31 March 2016 to 9 May 2016) and +1.2% to +5.6% (from 29 January 2016 to 9 May 2016).

Despite volatile market conditions, all AtlasTrend managed funds delivered performance of -1.0% to +0.5% over the last 6 months (to 9 May 2016), significantly outperforming the benchmark index by +4.5% to +6.0%.


Where did the time go? 9 May 2016 marked the 6-month anniversary of AtlasTrend’s 4 inaugural Trend Funds.

And what a 6 months it has been for financial markets globally!

AtlasTrend managed funds outperform

We are pleased to advise that our 4 Trend Funds have significantly and consistently outperformed for the 6 months since inception (to 9 May 2016) compared to our main benchmark, the MSCI Daily Total Return Net Index in the Australian Dollar terms (“MSCI World Index”, which measures the equity market performance of shares listed on the exchanges of 23 of the world’s major developed economies and factoring in reinvested net dividends).

AtlasTrend funds performance vs MSCI World Index

AtlasTrend Funds vs MSCI (6 mths)













Performance since inception and outperformance

AtlasTrend Funds vs MSCI (6 mths) 2















Whilst we are pleased with the performance of the 4 Trend Funds to date, we also know that 6 months is a relatively short time in the investment management world. Ultimately, our portfolios have been constructed to achieve returns over the long term to reflect the long-term nature of the underlying trends.

The team at AtlasTrend is excited about the long term future of our Trend Funds. Thank you for your interest in AtlasTrend and we look forward to continuing to bring profitable investment ideas to you.


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