How powerful is big data?

We share two short, yet powerful videos below which demonstrates how big data is transforming our world. Watch it and learn some of the reasons why we have created AtlasTrend’s Big Data Big Fund and why the fund invests in Amazon and IBM, two companies at the forefront of this mega investment trend.

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Introducing Amazon Go

The world’s most advanced shopping technology. No queues, no check outs. Just grab your items and walk out.

Earlier this month, online retail giant Amazon revealed its first convenience store concept set to be launched in 2017. Amazon uses the powers of big data to redefine shopping. The intelligence is not unique to Amazon, but no other company has the leading edge big data technology combined with significant retail expertise to be able to pull it off the way Amazon can.


IBM Watson, the platform for cognitive businesses

Together we can outthink the limits of what’s possible. Welcome to the cognitive era.

A few years ago IBM introduced the Watson big data analytics computer system to the world. Whilst computers could only process structured data such as data in a table or spreadsheet, Watson has a similar thought process to humans and is capable of answering questions posed in natural language (to see how Watson beat two all-time champions on game show Jeopardy click here). Today, Watson is being used by companies across a broad range of industries to solve problems and be more efficient.


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