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Meet Astro, Australia’s first voice-activated personal investment assistant. Astro is available on Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Assistant devices, and uses verbal commands to allow transactional capabilities for AtlasTrend investors, and provide users with real-time responses and information on AtlasTrend’s investment portfolios and general investment info.

According to Kent Kwan, AtlasTrend Co-founder:

“Astro helps you check-in on AtlasTrend’s investment performance, improve investing knowledge and keep up to date with global investing trends through on-demand access to components of The Atlas, AtlasTrend’s database of financial know-how.”

In the media:

  1. AtlasTrend announces Astro – a voice-activated investment assistant:
  2. Australia’s first voice-activated fund manager launches:


Astro Demo Part 1: It’s Easy to be a Smarter Investor and Keep Up With Key Trends

In this video, Astro explains how AtlasTrend works, provide insights on building wealth early, tells you how the share market works + reads the latest weekly news. (1:54 min duration)


Astro Demo Part 2: It’s Simple to Invest More With Astro

In this video, Astro will show you how easy it is to initiate additional investments. (1:15 min duration)



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