When we started AtlasTrend, it was with a vision to provide a new approach to hassle-free global investing.

It sounds interesting but what does it all mean?

The following information does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if the relevant investment is appropriate having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. 


Let’s break down the elements of what AtlasTrend’s vision is and how it provides unique benefits to investors not available anywhere else in Australia.

“A New Approach”

Current state of the industry: It is fair to say that on average the traditional investment industry doesn’t really provide a great, or at times, even adequate customer investment experience. If you’ve ever invested in a managed fund yourself or through your super, you’ll know what we mean.

There is no proper transparency on where your money is really invested (e.g. good luck finding out exactly all the shares your fund manager has invested your money in), fees that don’t really appear to make sense (e.g. they charge high fees even when they lose you money) and they only service you well if you can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Imagine building a house or buying a car on those terms? You would never do it. Yet as a population we collectively hand over billions of dollars every year to fund managers on exactly those terms.

AtlasTrend’s Solution

  • Transparency: Our members have full information access to exactly how, why and where we invest their money. The managed funds that we operate are fully transparent with every portfolio investment disclosed (including relevant company details) and updated on at least a weekly basis. As a member, you can use this information to guide your own direct investment decisions and / or invest in our managed funds with full knowledge of exactly which companies your money is invested in.
  • Fees that make sense: A membership fee from $27 per month to access AtlasTrend’s exclusive investment ideas and full portfolio details including all investment positions for every AtlasTrend managed fund (which have all significantly outperformed the benchmark index – read more here). This is essentially all of AtlasTrend’s investment intellectual property which members may use to guide their own investments even if they don’t invest in AtlasTrend’s managed funds.
  • If you’re a member who also chooses to invest in the AtlasTrend managed funds, we do not charge an additional base management fee or any industry standard performance fees that are solely linked to our managed fund’s overall half-yearly or yearly performance and accrued in the underlying unit price. You simply pay a 0.1% p.a. capped expense recovery fee (to cover fund expenses such as audit fees) similar to other managed funds and a performance based exit fee equal to 15% of your pre-tax profit only when you exit your managed fund investment. In this way, we ensure that the performance based exit fee is charged only when you individually make money instead of being charged on the fund’s collective investment performance over arbitrary time periods for all investors.
  • Accessible: Our services are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire. You can start investing in our funds with only $1,000 or grow your investments over time with just $100 on a monthly investment plan. In fact, even if you don’t invest a single dollar with us and just use our investment ideas to guide your own investments, we will treat you the same way as all our other members – with transparency and always providing you with great investment ideas from around the world.


Current state of the industry: In many instances, investing usually means lots of paper forms to fill in including physically verifying your identification using a lawyer or Justice of the Peace. After that, getting information about how your managed fund investments are performing and what fees you’ve paid might even require your own manual calculations (including going back through old paperwork). Sounds a bit 1980s doesn’t it?

AtlasTrend’s Solution

  • 100% online hassle-free access to professional investment management: Each AtlasTrend managed fund is actively managed by our highly experienced team who have a successful track record investing over $2 billion in listed international shares. As a member, you have the benefit of online access to the investment ideas produced exclusively by AtlasTrend’s investment management team to guide your investments and you can choose to easily invest online (and track your investment performance) in the managed funds that our investment team actively manage. No more paper forms!

Global Investing

Current state of the industry: Given Australia represents a very small part of the global market size, there is increasing recognition that Australian investors should diversify to international investments. However, some people may hesitate to invest internationally given the perception it is less familiar territory. However, we believe if given the opportunity and relevant useful information, Aussies can successfully engage in international investing and diversify their portfolio returns.

AtlasTrend’s Solution

  • Thriving world trends: All of our managed funds (which only invest in international listed companies with a market capitalisation larger than US$1 billion) and investment ideas are based on long term thriving world trends that we have identified, researched and invested in. These are trends that you have most likely contributed to in some way and understand well. For example, we have a trend fund devoted to investing in international companies benefitting from the global growth of online shopping.
  • In addition, there are also dedicated AtlasTrend managed funds that invest in companies benefitting from the rise of big data, the tremendous spending power of baby boomers and the movement towards healthier lifestyles.
  • As an AtlasTrend member, you have full transparent access to our investment intellectual property on these thriving world trends and international companies so that you can choose to invest in some or all of them based on your own preference and personal experience.


If what has been written above sounds more appealing, fairer and innovative compared to the traditional investment industry, then please join us today to help us grow Australia’s only investment service delivering a new approach to hassle-free global investing.

Kent, Jade & Kevin

AtlasTrend Co-Founders


About Kent Kwan

Kent Kwan is a Co-Founder of AtlasTrend, an online investment platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn and invest in trends transforming our world. Kent has over 15 years experience in financial markets including as Chief Investment Officer at Arowana International Limited, and roles at JP Morgan and Macquarie.

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  1. Thanks Kent for all this high quality information. Loving it. yesterday we heard Mr Tony Seba’s talk and it’s nothing but inspirational. The future is looking very different.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of money with 3 kids in private schools – so I’ll have to plough through this phase of my life and hope there are some cents left at the end to invest.

    Admire your genius. Always have.

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